Losing weight may save your life! So many choices, so much confusion!

Learn how to have vitality for life!Our plan can help you reach your goals while achieving a body you can't help but love.

Eat Smart

Everything you put into your body has an effect on your health - good or bad. That's why understanding what your body needs is crucial to achieving your ideal weight. Here you'll find the info you need to make the smartest food choices for optimal wellness.

Get Active

Your body was built to move. That's why regular exercise is so important - you won't feel great or achieve your wellness goals without it! Research has shown that 45 minutes of moderate exercise a day delivers real health benefits.

Replace Nutrients

Every day, you need to take in many micronutrients for proper cell and organ function. But a modern diet may not give you all the nutrition you need. We offer many products to help fill in the nutritional gaps your diet leaves, while providing a host of healthy benefits.

Stay Accountable

To stay on track to a healthier lifestyle, it takes more than desire. It takes accountability. Taking small steps, tracking what you eat, recording your activity, teaming up, and celebrating your success - each is essential to achieving your goals.

Track your health goals.

Put in your age, your current weight, height, gender, and how active or sedentary you currently are - then our system calculates your daily calorie goal and gives information on daily calories depending on how much weight you want to lose per week.

we have the resources you need

Positive community support.

We believe that a successful group should lean on each other.

Now's the time to join a like-minded community and take this journey.

Let's achieve our goals together

Strength in numbers.

We are a billion dollar company with a proven track record in our industry.

We have been in business since 1985 and we continue to set records

Our mission: enhancing lives

What are you waiting for?

You'll have access to everything you need.

A fun and easy way that helps you set goals for a healthier lifestyle and achieve results you can see and feel.

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About Me

About Me

Thank you for visiting my site.  It's always been a dream of mine to own my own business.  And believe me - I searched long and hard for a business that would let me set my own schedule - allow me to make a living while traveling or just spending a lot of time with those I love.  And I wanted that business to provide my family with an income - long after I stopped working.

But then in 2011 - I got an unexpected illness that left me disabled for 13 months.  I was self employed at the time and because I could not work - I lost my business and my primary income.  Then - my vehicle was repossessed - and our home ended up being foreclosed on.

It's quite the feeling to be flat broke and have no where to go.  It's even worse when as hard as you try - you can't get a decent job to save your life.  Literally!

So for me - I HAD to find a new business that actually worked!

After years of searching and searching for a Home Based type of Business that actually worked - I finally Cracked The Code!  I finally found a strong company with high quality products that people love so much - that they just keep coming back month after month to buy again.

And one of the most important elements of Cracking The Code - is a very high re-order rate.  Because if people continue to be customers - because the products and the company are that good - we keep getting paid month after month.

Well - I definitely found what I was looking for, and I look forward to talking with you - and helping you learn more about our business.  

So please feel free to contact me by phone or by email at your convenience.

Phone 1: (413) 241-7334